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The Only 500 ha Township in Cikarang

The New Experience Living in Cikarang

The Only 500ha Township in Cikarang

​The new experience living in Cikarang

Best Township Scale Development

Cikarang International City: The First and largest township in Cikarang, West Java, Indonesia by Sri Pertiwi Sejati.

With over 30 years of experience, we create a future city seamlessly blending with nature, catering to diverse needs, and integrating with various mass transportation options.

Introducing 35 hectares of thematic shopping streets

Cikarang International City (CINITY) will present an area of 35 hectares as a thematic shopping street with a diversity of shopping tourism cultures in various parts of the world.

a new shopping experience

Retail and leisure hub: Explore a vibrant blend of shopping and themed events. Unleash the excitement!

Travel around the world in just 1 day at CINITY

Enjoy the experience of traveling and shopping in various countries in one place, one day.







Pasar Nusantara

by Sarinah



East Quarter

Urban Hub

Eat n Walk

When nature meets the future

Discover sustainable luxury living! Our eco-friendly properties harmonize technology and nature. Explore the ideal blend of modernity and green living for a vibrant lifestyle.

Direct Toll Access

Enjoy direct toll access to the Cikarang Cibitung highway. Seamless connectivity for your convenience and lifestyle.

Mass transit convenience

Seamless connectivity to elevate your urban lifestyle.

Super strategic location

CINITY: Prime urban living at Cikarang's heart. Your central hub for vibrant city life awaits!

Explore CINITY Thematic
Shopping Street

Comprehensive business solutions:

Your perfect choice for starting and growing your enterprise. Explore options now!

Urban Hub

Complete FnB


Eat n Walk




The Biggest

Thematic Market

Introducing SAMIYA

Explore SAMIYA, the dream home for a limitless and better life. Unveil a residence where boundaries dissolve, offering a superior living experience without constraints. Your dream awaits.

​a new living experience

​Experience comfort and luxury in every corner of your ideal living space.

Future city collaboration

Explore the synergy shaping tomorrow's urban living. 

Synergy, Creativity, Integration

Future-proof urban collaboration: Synergistic, resilient structures harmonize with nature, fulfilling all needs.

in Collaborate

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Long John Silver's

Planet Ban

Holland Bakery




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News Updates

Stay updated with the latest news and information from CINITY.

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