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​Super Strategic Location

​Right in the Heart of Cikarang City

Master Plan

World-class Infrastructure

Nature-friendly city

CINITY is a nature-friendly city, where residents thrive in health and comfort, harmonizing urban living with natural serenity.

Nature-friendly city

Nature-friendly city where residents thrive in health and comfort. Embrace a lifestyle where well-being meets convenience in a community designed for a healthier and more comfortable living experience.

Trees, bushes, and every green environment living

Embrace nature's beauty as lush greenery surrounds every corner. Experience urban living with a touch of tranquility and eco-friendly charm.

Harmony of the future and nature unfolds here

Experience the future intertwined with nature in our city – a harmonious blend of modern living and natural beauty.


Discover a seamless fusion of urban innovation and serene landscapes.


World-Class City Living, Experience the world within one city

Discover a world of sophistication in our global city – where elegance meets urban excellence. Experience the world within one city, where every corner reflects international class and charm.

35 hectares of thematic
shopping streets.

Discover CINITY's 35-hectare Cultural Shopping Oasis: A Global Experience Awaits You!







Pasar Nusantara

by Sarinah



East Quarter

Urban Hub

Eat n Walk

Next-Gen Urban Living

A City of Convenience and Proximity to Aspirations. Modern living is redefined for ultimate convenience and seamless access to your aspirations. Discover limitless possibilities today.

The only 500 hectares
in Cikarang

CINITY has a total area of 500 hectares consisting of 100 hectares of existing areas, 50 hectares of shopping tourism, and 350 hectares of development areas.

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